vendredi 18 avril 2008

The chronicles of the SOAM project

Last time we stopped on the evaluation and classification screens.
Now let's see the pondaration part. All the SOAM project is based on a wise usage of good mathematical formulas... and these formulas depends on some constants.

There is a secret table of 16 by 9 int. And in fact these constants are ...variable: they depends on some coefficients with the constraint that the sum of these coefficients equals 20 always and all the time.

The SOAM project

The SOAM is a new and revolutionary concept. SOAM Stands for Structures Organization Assesment Method. This method has been developed by some experts in Human Resources and Recruitment Management.

... and Alain Lompo has brought it in the software World.

Here is a summary of the main functionnalities of the SOAM solution

  • Assess any job function of an enterprise on the base of some wise formulas and the use of 9 basic criterias such as experience, activites, and so on.

  • Classify theses functions in some levels ranging from 1 to 16

  • Generate wages curves that shows the accuracy and adequation between job function and salary

  • generates up and down limits and highlight the deficiencies of the system

  • Propose some corrections and the cost of these corrections

  • Make life easier for CEOs, CFOs and produce many gnashing of teeth in the realm of sluggard employers

Enjoy !!!!

Sample image for Evaluation module

Sample image for the classification module

The classification was one of the hardest part on the project from the view of a .Net development expert

jeudi 17 avril 2008

Project time

Hi Excelta is launching great software development projects.

So will be publishing architectural and technical details regarding those project. this first one is around how to improve enterprise organisations by evaluating the wages according to 9 important criterias every worker may meet. Each criteria is valuated from 1 to 16. Imagine, Discover and enjoy !!!!!!!