vendredi 2 mai 2008

EXCELTA.Reflector basics

Basically the reflector API functions as follows.

It finds all the loaded assemblies of the application and iterates through in order to find for each of them the types whom have the BusinessObect attribute.

For each of these type, the reflector api inspects it and depending on it's properties and methods, it creates a corresponding DataTable which completely matches the original type.

So up to now this is the first module which is ongoing development, but the next steps are as following:

- Extending the Database Helper in order to use other RDBMS than Sql Server 2000

- How to persist businessObject on other places than databases

- Creating object trees and defining and easy to use syntax for navigating through the tree

- Persisting object datas and getting them in a unitary fashion or by group.

Here are some few pictures

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